Self-Study Online

People learn best in different ways.

Some learn visually. Some learn by reading. Some learn best from lecture-style presentations. The good news is that all three are available when learning through this 10-module financial literacy course.

The self-study material is a compilation of the best content from my eight books and new content I created specifically for this course.

Each module from the course is between 18 to 35 pages long.

The material is written in an easy reader style so you will understand what you are reading (even on some of the more complex topics).

But the beauty of this course is that you can supplement your reading with recorded in-person lectures and/or voiced-over PowerPoints (giving you the best of all worlds when it comes to learning the subject matter).


To make sure you understand the course material and are ready to make sound decisions when it comes to protecting and growing your wealth, each course module comes with an exam. To learn more about the exams, click here.

Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CAPP, CMP
Founder, The Wealth Preservation Institute
Co-Founder, The Asset Protection Society