Certified Asset Protection Planning™ (CAPP™) FAQs

1) Why would an advisor want to become a CAPP™ certified advisor?

Learning asset protection to pass the exam will allow advisors to truly provide the best advice to clients. It is impossible to provide a complete/comprehensive estate or financial plan without incorporating asset protection into a plan.

Additionally, by becoming a CAPP™ advisors will be demonstrating to clients their uniqueness in the marketplace and will truly standout from their competition. In short, the CAPP™ is a differentiator.

2) Who are good candidates to sit for the CAPP™ exam?

-Financial planners
-Insurance agents

3) Who issues the CAPP™ examination? The Wealth Preservation Institute.

4) Are there study materials for the CAPP™?

Per the NCCA requirements on companies that issues certifications, there is no “official” study material offered by The Wealth Preservation Institute. You can buy materials from the Asset Protection Society™ to study for the exam. Click here to learn more.

5) What type of exam do advisors need to pass? A three-question essay exam.

6) How long does it typically take to study for and pass the CAPP™ exam?

It depends on your level of knowledge on the various topics you need to know, but for the typical advisor, it takes 2-4 weeks of off and on studying plus 1-2 hours per exam essay.

7) Are you able to use the designation on your business card, website, etc.?

The CAPP™ is not a senior, insurance, retirement, or financial designation. As such, it is The Wealth Preservation Institute’s position that the designation does not fall under the review of state departments of insurance, the SEC, or FINRA and can be used by all advisors who pass the exam.

8) What does it cost to sit for the CAPP™ exam? $450.

9) Is there an annual fee to keep the CAPP™ designation? Yes; $175 a year to continue to use the mark.

10) Other benefits to becoming a CAPP™?

Case design support—advisors who pass the CAPP™ exam who are also current with their annual dues have at their disposal WPI President Roccy DeFrancesco, JD, CAPP™, CMP™ and his support team. They are available to answer general or specific asset protection questions or help with overall case design support for clients.

Asset Protection Society™ State Representative

Only CAPP certified advisors are allowed to be state reps for the APS™.

State representatives are able to use the following logo on their email signature and website. It signifies that the advisor not only knows the subject matter, but is also dedicated to teaching other advisors and consumers in their state the subject matter (as well as assisting them with help if needed).

John Smith, CAPP™
123 Anywhere Street
Ft. Myers, FL 33908




Advisors who sign up to sit for the CAPP™ exam are allowed to be state reps if they agree to pass the exam within six months of signing up.

Ready to become a CAPP™ certified advisor?

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Questions? Email info@assetprotectionsociety.org or call 269-216-9978.